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Today I spent a couple of hours with my web designer, maintenance, update and support team.  Robert and Lauri Sullivan at Visual Arts Studios here in Fort Morgan have filled that role for about 3 years.  They have designed 3 websites for me, kept them up to date and continually search for ways to keep my sites fresh and relevant.

They are the perfect partner for any business and I don’t mind writing the check for a support contract with them.  I could do the same with another company and maybe even at a lower rate, but it would be some nameless face that changes each time I need assistance.

As I was driving home I was trying to determine what made them a “perfect partner” for my business.  This is a synopsis of my train of thought:

  1.  They are a local small business striving to build
  2.  They can do something I can’t do
  3.   They are always looking beyond the basics to see how something can be better
  4.   They are more part of my team than they are a vendor
  5.   They want me to succeed also
  6.   They are accessible – coffee shop, their office, my office
  7.   They aren’t a 9 to 5 company – they keep me up and running 24/7
  8.   They understand my crazy schedule and how best to communicate with me
  9.   They are willing to listen to my wild ideas
  10.    They work with my remote team members

and, finally – Robert speaks “geek” and I don’t and Lauri serves as the interpreter.  Their biggest problem – they sometimes get way ahead of where I am going.  We should all have this problem.

As we get ready to close out 2018 and start afresh for 2019 make sure you have that “perfect partner” to help your business grow.  Check mine out at



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